England at the World Cup in Brazil

The time is just coming up to 5pm.  Only another 3 hours to the big game vs Uruguay and the tension builds.  Will I be sitting here tomorrow wondering where it all went wrong, hurling if only’s at the management team from the safety of a few thousand miles away ?  Or will I be dreaming that this might be our year and well done to Roy and the lads for following my views on team selection.

It’s easy to be wise after the event, so I’ll start by laying out my team here and a cheeky prediction:

Goalkeeper:  Mr Hart – picks himself and hopefully has plenty of time to scribble a few pictures like he used to 20yrs ago, when you had no idea what it was until the final lines were added

Right Back: Glen – equally good going forward as he is bad at defending because he gets too close, but with few alternatives I’d stick by him

Left back: Leighton – a wand of a left foot and can get up and down the field all day

Centre Backs: Phil and Gary – sounds a bit like the Neville brothers, but rest assured these 2 are much taller and still playing which is always a good thing

Midfield:  Middle – Captain Steve – sitting in front of the back 4 concentrating on covering defence and smiling a bit more often – needs to pick up his performance from the last game and conditions should suit

Middle – Jack – spends most of his time being tackled to the ground so another injury is clearly a risk but likes to go forward which gives the team the good tempo we need to upset Uruguay

Left – Danny W – was our best player against Italy, quick and used the ball well – so more of the same and just a few more inches growth on the hair needed to reach the really high crosses

Right – Raheem – still think the Ox is better when he’s fit, but we need pace and he brings even more than Hale did

Number 10: Lallana – surprise package,  has played well every time he’s pulled on an England shirt and actually seems to enjoy it which is very un-England like

Up front:  Big Wayne – looks fitter than he’s done for years and must be dying for the opportunity to show what he can do

Subs:  Daniel – I know some people think he should start, but England just don’t score enough goals when he plays because he doesn’t link up the play well enough (never scored more than 1 from open play when he plays) but might prove a great sub if we need a goal.  Sorry Daniel, but I’m the manager and that’s just the way it is.

Ross – been brilliant so far and can change the game for us even if some people on text in’s think he’s sponsored by a large bank

Ricky – has never let us down and would be a great alternative if we need something different and gives everyone over 40 the belief they’ve still got a chance to make it


My prediction is a 2-0 win for England.




One thought on “England at the World Cup in Brazil

  1. whoknowsy Post author

    So it’s the “wondering where it all went wrong” scenario following our 2-1 defeat. Fed up listening to news reporters’ autopsy but at the same time can’t help myself listening. Like a gambler in the casino who knows he’s losing but can’t extract himself from the game. Our hopes mathematically rest with the Italians, but probability looks like a plane journey home. People might argue it’s only a game and they have a point. But where life itself has little true purpose, it’s meaning can only be crystallised by the highs and lows of our actions and experiences. That’s why this morning it feels so much more important – and disappointing.


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